Introduction to CSS3

In CSS3 we are not going to learn CSS3, I’m expecting you are much familiar with CSS & CSS3, Here I’ll give you an introduction to CSS3 & share some tips & tricks about CSS3 which may could help you out in your projects or your learning. If you want to learn about CSS preprocessors like SASS,SCSS,LESS, I’ve started a tutorial about SASS you can gone through this link to learn SASS.

What are pseudo Classes in CSS3?

Might be you often heard this word “pseudo classes in CSS or CSS3″. Pseudo (pronounce as “Sudo” ) classes are those classes which can extend your functionality of selected .class or #ID. Let me give you a very simple example. you have used this many time, I bet. look at this

  color: red;

  color: green;

as you know that every time when you will hover over the anchor link, it will turn into green color. If i conclude this, pseudo classes works same like as “if” condition in programming

  change color, change BG, etc..

In our next Lesson we will dive into and explore more features about CSS3.